Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take 'em back

Song inspired by book of Philemon. Open up the Word and see the call it has for each of our lives. I'll let it speak for itself.

Take Em Back
116 Clique, Dillon Chase from 13 Letters
Verse 1:
Allow me to introduce this book it's called/ Philemon it's oh so personal (1:1)/ The book bares the name of the person whom the words are to (1:1)/ Paul's urging dude praying for this servant who (1:4)/ Refreshed the saints day by day in the church its true (1:5)/ He was encouraged too/ By this dudes passion/ Fellowship growing in faith it was fantastic (1:6)/ But he had this slave Onesimus this man happened/ To steal some things ran away yeah he fled faster (1:15/1:18)/ Philemon didn't know/ He ended up in Rome/ Where God redeemed his soul/ Through Paul's teaching yo' (1:10)/ The gospel of Christ made some things change/ Cause now he and Philemon became the same slaves/ Slaves to Christ/ Onesimus stayed beside/ Paul in Prison He had changed his life (1:11/1:13)/ So he served Paul it hurt Paul to have to let him leave (1:11)/ With this letter in his hand hoping he'd be received (1:12)

Take em' back/ It don't matter what he did/ Christ Forgives, homie that's what it is/ I know you've been wronged / He been gone for a minute/ But now God got up in em'/ So I call for forgiveness

Verse 2:
So Paul the Apostle/ Saw that he ought to/ Resolve what was harming the body he got to/ So he comes on strong but then also/ As a fellow servant of God as he talks to (1:8-9)/ Philemon Pleading for Onesimus/ Please don't grieve him I need him but he is still yours so just listen his (1:13-14)/ Presence is dear to me but he's dearer to you (1:16)/ And it's so clear to see, since hearing the truth/ He's been adopted and cleaned (1:10) and often it seems/ That God in his sovereignty saw that these things/ Like him thieving and leaving you for a season/ Through that God redeemed him and cleaned him so he can (1:15)/ Be yours forever as a brother in Christ (1:16)/ So receive this letter, don't cut him off twice (1:17)/ And whatever he owes you charge it to me/ Even though you owe me I want you to please (1:18-19)


Verse 3:
Paul wrote he was sure and secure in the fact/ That Philemon would surely enjoy taking back (1:21)/ This man who had wronged him before in his past/ But now they were one in the Lord it's a wrap (1:16)/ Just like Onesimus/ We need forgiveness when/ We grieve our Lord who saved us and filled us with/ His spirit to seal us in/ Heal us from the illest sin/ Even though we sinning men/ Look at what we did to him/ But he takes us back, and what we owed/ Was paid on the cross with the blood that flowed/ From the side of his body, now I'm in the body/ Of Christ in the light still I say I'm sorry/ To God for the charge that was held against me/ I'm forgiven because he was nailed to a tree/ So I yell and I scream as I'm telling these people/ That we need to be like Jesus and seek to


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