Monday, August 3, 2009

Advanced Perspective Final- 540 Powell

Here is my Adv. Perspective final board-30inx40in with six turnable 16inx20in illustrations. Since I took a short cut to painting all of the cross-sections of Powell to save time I turned my drawings into blue prints and created a mock-drafting table for my final presentation.

Isometric layout of 3rd floor
Isometric elements of 540 Powell
Illustration Staff in Isometric plus the skeleton guy and some crazy illustrator in the bottom right hand corner.
90 Thumbnails and various sketch studies.
Student drawing the model while Bill Sanchez helps out a student.
540 Powell Exterior
4th floor
3rd floor
2nd floor
1st floor
540 Powell Cutaway Overview

This is most of the work minus the stressful and complex behind the scenes work in the short amount of time while handling other finals.