Friday, June 26, 2009

Noah's Ark Advanced Perspective

Pardon the poor quality photos, but I had forgotten to charge my camera battery all the way and the camera was dying as I took these. This assignment we had to do Noah's Ark. One of my illustrations wasn't working, so I rushed to do the second one and finished it in about two hours. The other is another cross-section.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Workspace and drafting table

Although I am still in Academy of Art University housing, I was able to pick up some new helpful tools. I needed a way to trace my larger drawings for cross-sections and Advanced Perspective that would be larger than my giant light box. The only solution would be a glass drafting table. This was the last one at Blick so I bought it. I put a lamp underneath to make it a massive light box. And do to its height I needed to find a chair (plus one that is comfortable due to the long hours I would be working) and was able to get it from Staples. Hopefully in a few semesters I can get an apartment away from AAU housing, but until then, this is how my work station will look like.

Geisha Perspectives/ Cross-section

Here is my 2nd Advanced Perspective homework. We had to incorporate the use of a geisha in the illustrations. I chose to do a simple composition and a more complex contrast to balance out my time. I don't think these are too bad considering they were both done in under 10 hours!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer 2009 begins! Advanced Perspective

The summer semester has started! I missed my first class of Advanced Perspective because I was in Palm Springs, CA learning and worshiping my sovereign Savior at the Resolved conference. It was well worth the stress of rushing to finish these three samurai illustrations. God knew that this would happen as these three were started about a year ago when I tried taking Adv. Perspective during a more difficult semester. I dropped it and am now taking it this semester. Hopefully Joko will like what I did and hope my memory serves me right on whether these fit the assignment guidelines. This will be a busy semester as I will be doing 6 illustrations a week! So don't be suprised if my posts are random and often late. Enjoy your summer and God bless!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring/Summer intercession break art

Here is a commissioned portrait I did for my best friends, Dan and Drew. Yes, they are identical twins which didn't seem to be much of a challenge after getting to know them quite well to illustrate distinguishing features in their faces between the two. It had to be edited slightly from the camera photo, but I got it as close to the original as I could. It is done in watercolor and acrylagouache and is 11x16in.
Here is a portrait I did in memory of Dan and Drew's older brother Jacob Christensen who sadly, is no longer with us. We all loved you very much J.C. and will miss you!
From the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, these drawings are the first time I ever drew animals (besides pets) from life. Animals like to move a lot! Every drawing you see here, the animals moved while I was drawing them! Above are some lions.
Here are some sea lions.
A bird, curious monkey, sunbear, gorillas, and some sea lions.
An orangutan who moved to much to get an accurate drawing, some cattle thing, monkey, and gorillas.
Here is Linus, Dan and Drew's cat who had some tempur tantrums while I was staying with the twins. This was one of the moments when Linus was relaxing that I could draw him without hisses or growls or clawing.
Here are some drawings of one of the Haldeman's cats at their farm who was a very generous model. It came over to me often and sat still long enough to draw! Go cat! The Haldeman's are friends of the twins and I am proud to be welcomed in to their family as well. May God bless the Haldemans for the love and care that they so willingly show!