Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raijin Cutaway In-progress 2

The exo suit/mech has been slowly progressing. I get about an hour or two ever one or two days to work on this thing. Thought I'd post up the progress though. That pilot sure is cramped in that cockpit! I'll admit some elipses on this thing are atrocious, but for something I'll return to and refine I'm letting them be til later. Anyway, more to come in the future!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Raijin Cutaway In-progress 1

Figure I'd show a bit of the work that I've started on a cutaway of my friend's exoskeleton suit design. Awhile back I had approached Emerson Tung ( about using his Raijin concept design for a future cutaway. I haven't really had the opportunity until now to start working on it. When I'm not searching for work I take the time to work on this. It involves lots of hours of research for reference and trial and error on what will work in the final drawing.
This is all drawn out in Adobe Photoshop on my Cintiq. I started with a very rough sketch and am now slowly working my way through depicting the outer architecture and the cool nifty bits of the inside. Practically the entire thing should be rendered this way which means it will take quite some time. After sketching out all of this in Photoshop I will move to Illustrator and redo all of the linework in vectors... and then add color. To add to this, the main Raijin suit is not the only thing that will be on the final page, but also cutaways of the armament, statistics, a close up cutaway of the optical unit, and an pilot's view of the controls. Once finished this should be a nice technical illustration and strong portfolio piece. So over the next few months keep an eye out for the occasional update for this project and check out Emerson's blog. He is quite the amazing and talented artist and definitely an inspiration for my illustrations.