Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Stained Glass" Mural Preview

Currently I've been working on a mural for my church in Adobe Illustrator. This project thankfully has given me time to not only work on it, but also have the time to search for a full time employment position. Unfortunately another illustration project offered by another person would have limited this (I find it to be the hardest thing as an artist to ever turn down a project- especially when I am in need of work). Anyway, this project should be complete by the end of March, but until then here is a preview of one of the panels. I have to take a photo off of my Cintiq as the file size in Illustrator is too large to convert easily to Photoshop or a jpeg. This panel (of 9) alone is near 700mb. To give you an idea, my P-51 cutaway was only 60mb! Reason being is I am using high quality images of stained glass in several clipping masks to emulate an actual stained glass panel or feel. Here is Moses splitting the Red Sea. Look for the completion sometime in April or stop by Christ Church, SF after these panels get printed out.