Friday, December 23, 2011

New Work-Technical Illustration

Check out my other blog for more views of work completed for the company I have been working for: Tungsten Advertising and their client Seatel:
All work shown on this post and the post of the other site are property of Tungsten Advertising and Seatel 2011.

Sorry again for the delays in posting.  My last computer decided to crash the harddrive.  Recently I was blessed by a friend who was able to recover most of the disk and some of my previous work, like the Raijin cutaway, can be worked on once again.  That mistake will never happen again and I have and will keep expanding on my back up devices.  I currently now have my old macbook pro with a new drive and my new, main workhorse, a 27" iMac.  As always I will try and keep this site updated as often as I can.