Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 3- Where true insanity begins!

Here is a poor photo of part 3 (done purposefully so you can wait for the final product! :D). I finally cross-sected the MTseven 13-14 space fighter/bomber. Now I will transfer (redraw over graphite layer onto watercolor paper) and then ink with acrylic ink (pretty much redraw again) and then begin layers of watercolor. Most of the fine detail will be done with or touched up with gouache for the final step. So in the next two weeks or so I should have the last two or three steps up. For now, injoy my insanity of cross-secting for hours and hours! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross-section of space fighter: Part 2 complete!

Here is another photo of my newest cross-section I will be working on. I had to draw the entire space jet in perspective before I move on to step 3 of actually revealing the inside and making it a true cross-section. For now- it's just a really cool view of the fighter un-cross-sectioned. From my original sketch I felt there weren't enough torpedoes, missiles and nukes- so I added more! I think the whole thing screams "Do you really want to mess with me?!" Anyway, thought I'd show a comparison next to me to show you the scale I'm working on and personally I think for what I'm going to do it is a little bit small. Look forward to in the future for more progress pictures on this project.

Friday, March 20, 2009

In Progress work on the MTSeven13-14 Cross-section

The image is a little blue, but that's what I get for taking a photo in the late evening in my room. Anyway, here is step one and two in progress for my next cross-section. It is of a space fighter from a story I have called Narrow called the MTSeven13-14. It is based on the same design as the Lego space fighter I had posted earlier. The first step is in the upper left hand corner which is a simple sketch. I put tracing paper over that to do a skeleton sketch to think about what the inside might be like. From here I go on to blowing the image up at 250% and place velum over this. I use the underlying sketch to create a more accurate perspective drawing. And in this case- when it came to the back half and wings it was really off from the perspective of the nose so instead of cross-secting right away I am drawing the entire thing in perspective and then will go over this with another traced layer to cross-sect the inside. After these steps I will trace it again to lose the perspective lines and then after transfer (basically redraw once more) onto watercolor paper. I will then watercolor paint in several layers it's gradating values. After this I will put in the prominent colors and flat areas in gouache. After this I will ink the lines once more and mount the illustration hopefully in time for Spring Show. I have only done 6 hours of work so far, but have around 200-300 more to go. It's time consuming and very methodical, but rewarding in the end. I talk about cross-sections a lot, but the reason you see so little of them from me is the amount of time it takes to make just one.

Long Over Due Post

Here is my Illustration 2 portrait assignment. I love space and would love to be out in it some day. So why not do an editorial portrait displaying my dreams, imaginations, and inspirations.
I wasn't able to find the matted version of this assignment which had one more drawing in it plus the photo I went from, but these are from my characterization assignment where I took a picture of my face and used it to create at least three other unique characters from it.

The next few above are from characterizing live models into people and characters that they may not necessarily were. It was a lot of fun!
It has been awhile since my last post well,... because I've been equally busy and lazy. Here are some Heads and Hands 2 work I've been meaning to post up. Above is an aging assignment- so you can see what I look like when I'm older!