Monday, January 16, 2012

Workspace Update

Yo, blog world and followers!  It has, as of lately, again, been awhile...
I'm still on the look out for work.  That seems to be how freelancing will be, but as long as I'm illustrating something for someone I'm happy! :)  I was able to have one of my files recovered from the old dead harddrive of my Macbook pro.  It is a slow moving project with hundreds of delays and I have nick-named it the "cursed project."  But I still love working on it.  Whenever I have downtime I will pull up the file and tweak it here and there.  Here is a sneak peak of the progress for the Raijin cutaway (all Adobe Illustrator):

I've also been meaning to share some images of the new set-up I have.  I now have two computers (the 27" iMac as my main workhorse and the Macbook Pro as my back-up computer in the case I have another computer failure while working on a project for a client- you can always have back-up devices to save files and such, but a back-up computer can allow you to continue working while the other hopefully gets fixed).  Next to it on the right is my 21" Cintiq which allows me to draw on and illustrate all kinds of beautifully overly detailed complex goodness! :D   

Lastly is my updated work chair.  Granted I want to get a more comfortable chair in the future, but the nice new add-on is the Razer Nostromo.  It normally is sold as a gamepad, but works very effectively as a handy keypad for Illustrator and Photoshop so much so that I could easily illustrate without ever having to reach over and use my keyboard.  Plus, keyboard shortcuts which were once several different keys on the keyboard are now single keystrokes on the Nostromo!  

Anyway, thought I'd share that with you.  Once I finish the top portion of the cockpit on the Raijin cutaway I will post that up here.  I'll also try to post the other art stuff I'm doing when I can.