Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gouache Study

When I was at my Mom's apartment during the break I had an opportunity to use some gouache and paint the view from the apartment window out onto the snow. The tough thing about painting this was how fast I had to paint it as the sky turned dark really fast. The image is a little blue due to a weird lamp in my apartment.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Giants of the Past

Finally, the Global Ghalad (the second Lego version- the first was very blocky and someday I will post that up for entertaining reasons :P). This model took a year as well to figure things out and construct. It is over 3 feet long and around 15lbs.
A view of the FFVII collection I created based off of the game amidst my Lego collection before it doubled in size shortly after. All of these 4 models took a year to plan out and construct.
The Highwind from FFVII the video game was quite a daunting task to construct. It is exactly 4 feet long and weighs 23-25lbs. It was physically exhausting as at some points I had to hold the 20lb top half for up to hours at a time as I assembled it to the bottom half and constructed supports for the legs.
One of my most favorite creations: The Rebel Observatory and Gaurd Post. Built in 2003 it was my last allowed submission into my hometown's Lego contest during Tivoli Fest before they only allowed me to display instead of enter the contest. As you can see in this it won best of show. This probably took a couple of months to construct.
These are some images I found recently of the Lego giants I had built in the past. I have a pretty large collection of Legos (estimated to be about over 1 ton in weight worth!) I usually build on a fairly large scale as it provides a challenge as well as there is more I can do on a large scale. The blue and yellow canopy airship above actually took one week to build and was probably 13-15lbs!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Hey, Mr. Spaceman."

Here is the last Lego creation from my winter break before I pack him up and go back to school. I've been taking a strong interest in the men who ventured to the moon and anything space and sci-fi space lately. I wanted to build in the last three days (how long it took to build this little guy) and was messing around with various pieces while I listened to the Halo soundtrack. Slowly but surely I made this guy. It is supposed to be a heavy duty deep space exosuit. In short- an awesome astronaut suit! It will be four more months before my next break- I'll miss building with Legos. They are always a lot of fun and a great outlet for creativity.