Friday, December 23, 2011

New Work-Technical Illustration

Check out my other blog for more views of work completed for the company I have been working for: Tungsten Advertising and their client Seatel:
All work shown on this post and the post of the other site are property of Tungsten Advertising and Seatel 2011.

Sorry again for the delays in posting.  My last computer decided to crash the harddrive.  Recently I was blessed by a friend who was able to recover most of the disk and some of my previous work, like the Raijin cutaway, can be worked on once again.  That mistake will never happen again and I have and will keep expanding on my back up devices.  I currently now have my old macbook pro with a new drive and my new, main workhorse, a 27" iMac.  As always I will try and keep this site updated as often as I can.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Life has just gotten really crazy recently, but I am very thankful for it.  
I recently got a job as a contracted Technical Illustrator for an advertising company!!!  I am still working as a security guard as well, just to be able to pay the bills.
So needless to say, my cutaway of the Raijin is again... interupted, but thankfully so as I needed to get an art related career to get my foot into the professional artworld.  I will try my best to update this blog as often as I can.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raijin Progress Update

As usual, my post is long over due. I'm still searching for an art job and am back to hitting the job boards once again. Thankfully, though it is a job as a security guard, I'm glad I have something to keep paying the bills while I look for a job in relation to what I studied so hard for. I've had a bit of a delay on all my work recently as I had surgery on my tail bone area and couldn't sit at my computer :( Even though I'm still healing I can finally get back to working on some self-promotional stuff and I even finally upgraded to Adobe CS5 :D I have a plan that hopefully will only be upset if I get an art related job, but, the image above will hopefully be part of a series of many cutaways to come involving some mecha from 80s anime and current anime, plus possibly a very iron hero of a man ;).
Anyway, here is an updated sketch of the Raijin suit (design by the amazing Emerson Tung!). This by far has been one of my most interrupted projects, but now that I've set a deadline you should see some updates on the project soon! Once I finish this base sketch it will be on to Adobe Illustrator to clean up the line work and then add color.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Christ Church Mural (finished!)

Needless to say, it has been quite some time since my last post. I have been very busy with many things... excuses, excuses, blah, blah, blah...

Nevertheless, here is a post I have been anxiously anticipating to make. I have not only finished my mural commissioned by my church, Christ Church at Park Presidio, but I have also just recently mounted the entire project!

The entire mural was produced in Adobe Illustrator

with vectors and high resolution photos of stained glass pieces which were then clipped digitally to fit into the drawings I had made. The project took over 280 hours. Each panel is 37.5 inches wide and 101 inches tall. There are 9 total panels- each removable. All of this started from a crude 30 second sketch one morning

at church.

From here I started working out various details to later work on.

Next I worked on the individual "medallions" that would help add extra story elements to each panel. Each panel had 2 "medallions" corresponding to the Biblical event depicted.

From there I finished the panels and they were sent off to a printer in Arizona that could print 4ft by endless.

The prints are giant stickers that we had to cut and peel. The process involved soaking the board surface and the sticker, then using a squeegee to take out the excess water and air to adhere the sticker to the surface.

Then we had to set the panels out to dry...

Then we put up all of the panels.

Come see the mural up close if you can at 856 Cabrillo St. San Francisco, CA 94121 10:30am on Sundays.

Special thanks to the printers in Arizona, Christ Church at Park Presidio and Sovereign Grace Ministries, and Toby Kurth, Jeff Locke, Gene Mercado, Scott Rim, Adam Lumb, and Ryan Edson for all the support and help to complete this project!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AX-1 Speed Form

Just one of those nights/mornings where I have a strong urge to illustrate something besides the current projects I'm working on. The sketch above is from last year and can be found earlier in the blog. I took it into Adobe Illustrator tonight and completed it in about two and a half hours. It's a good feeling (even if it keeps me up 'til 5am) to touch up a sketch like this. Hopefully I'll have time in the future to do more of these.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christ Church Mural Sneak Peek #2

Still working on this thing! I have four more panels to go (two on the left and two on the right). Once that is finished the images will be sent out to a printing company and then printed and pasted on the movable panels at Christ Church at Park Presidio. It's been a fun experience thus far learning new tricks and size reducing methods in Adobe Illustrator. Here is a sneak peak at the middle five panels (top and bottom hidden). The full mural will be revealed on this blog once it is finished and printed and pasted on to the wall at the church. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. It's been one of the most challenging and busy months I've had yet!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take 'em back

Song inspired by book of Philemon. Open up the Word and see the call it has for each of our lives. I'll let it speak for itself.

Take Em Back
116 Clique, Dillon Chase from 13 Letters
Verse 1:
Allow me to introduce this book it's called/ Philemon it's oh so personal (1:1)/ The book bares the name of the person whom the words are to (1:1)/ Paul's urging dude praying for this servant who (1:4)/ Refreshed the saints day by day in the church its true (1:5)/ He was encouraged too/ By this dudes passion/ Fellowship growing in faith it was fantastic (1:6)/ But he had this slave Onesimus this man happened/ To steal some things ran away yeah he fled faster (1:15/1:18)/ Philemon didn't know/ He ended up in Rome/ Where God redeemed his soul/ Through Paul's teaching yo' (1:10)/ The gospel of Christ made some things change/ Cause now he and Philemon became the same slaves/ Slaves to Christ/ Onesimus stayed beside/ Paul in Prison He had changed his life (1:11/1:13)/ So he served Paul it hurt Paul to have to let him leave (1:11)/ With this letter in his hand hoping he'd be received (1:12)

Take em' back/ It don't matter what he did/ Christ Forgives, homie that's what it is/ I know you've been wronged / He been gone for a minute/ But now God got up in em'/ So I call for forgiveness

Verse 2:
So Paul the Apostle/ Saw that he ought to/ Resolve what was harming the body he got to/ So he comes on strong but then also/ As a fellow servant of God as he talks to (1:8-9)/ Philemon Pleading for Onesimus/ Please don't grieve him I need him but he is still yours so just listen his (1:13-14)/ Presence is dear to me but he's dearer to you (1:16)/ And it's so clear to see, since hearing the truth/ He's been adopted and cleaned (1:10) and often it seems/ That God in his sovereignty saw that these things/ Like him thieving and leaving you for a season/ Through that God redeemed him and cleaned him so he can (1:15)/ Be yours forever as a brother in Christ (1:16)/ So receive this letter, don't cut him off twice (1:17)/ And whatever he owes you charge it to me/ Even though you owe me I want you to please (1:18-19)


Verse 3:
Paul wrote he was sure and secure in the fact/ That Philemon would surely enjoy taking back (1:21)/ This man who had wronged him before in his past/ But now they were one in the Lord it's a wrap (1:16)/ Just like Onesimus/ We need forgiveness when/ We grieve our Lord who saved us and filled us with/ His spirit to seal us in/ Heal us from the illest sin/ Even though we sinning men/ Look at what we did to him/ But he takes us back, and what we owed/ Was paid on the cross with the blood that flowed/ From the side of his body, now I'm in the body/ Of Christ in the light still I say I'm sorry/ To God for the charge that was held against me/ I'm forgiven because he was nailed to a tree/ So I yell and I scream as I'm telling these people/ That we need to be like Jesus and seek to


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Provision Proclaimed by the Cosmos

What beautiful stars…

Do you ever look up when there is a clear night sky and recall the vast promise of our eternal God?

What comfort the sand…

Do you ever consider that such rough grains are endless measures of a wonderful promise great as the rainbow set before Noah after the flood?

As I was working on one of the panels of an upcoming mural for Christ Church at Park Presidio in San Francisco a thought of reflection came upon me. The panel I am working on depicts Abraham holding his son, Isaac, looking up at the stars after Isaac was spared. What comfort most have warmed Abraham’s heart as he held his boy in his arms and gazed up into the heavenly vastness of the cosmos. What joy it must have been to explain to Isaac why everything just happened and the greatness of their Provider.

It is of no mistake that the passage reads as it does when Abraham replies to the men traveling with them: “Stay here with the donkey. The boy and I will go over there to worship; then we’ll come back to you” (Genesis 22:5 Emphasis mine). Abraham was commended for such faith. He trusted that God (the Eternal and Almighty) would perform a miracle previously unseen… the resurrection of the dead. Why was Abraham so certain of this? God had promised him earlier in chapter 15 of an offspring. God keeps His word so the logical thing and right thing to do would be to sacrifice Isaac believing God would do something miraculous to bring Isaac back. God’s test of Abraham succeeded and Isaac did not need to be sacrificed, but a provision of a ram caught in the thicket was. This all projects to the coming Messiah Who has come and was sacrificed instead of us, the analogous Isaacs.

So why bother writing this? I’m certain, at least those of you who are saved know the historical events of Abraham and Isaac. I’ve been having a difficult time lately securing a job among other doors that God has kept closed to me even after prayer that I’d hope emulate such desperation as Jacob during the wrestling and the cries of King David. Many have tried to comfort with words that God will provide… me with a job. The only reason I am ever timid on an absolute certainty that He will provide me with a job is that I have yet to see a “yes, I will provide you a job” written out in Scripture. What I do see is that God will provide food for those who fear Him so that they never go hungry (Psalm 111:5) and that He cares for those that love Him and are called His children. He listens to our prayers and will not give us bad things if we cry out for what are truly good things. There are two major things that dominate my prayers for what I hope and desire for, one of those being a job to pay off my debts and provide for my future and second desire- which generally drives the desire for the job (although decreasing finances is another reason I tend to want to ask so often).

Christ is our ultimate provision, however. Nothing we could ever need or ask for can compare with this. His sacrifice covers over all my sins and failure to provide financially for the future or pay off debts. He lived a perfect life because I can’t. And beyond this, He provides us with His Spirit Who leads and guides our steps. I found myself sometimes discouraged by Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” ignoring that His purposes are very good. But when I read Proverbs 16:9 I was comforted and reminded that His will is good and He is the director of my steps. “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

In short avoiding writing another dozen or so paragraphs I just wanted to say that though things are very uncertain in my life right now and although many doors seem shut to me I will wait on my Lord, the determiner and director of my steps. Long ago He promised my hope and assurance in those stars, a star that would one day rise above the land of Bethlehem and conquer the dead and defeat the power of sin once and for all. God is not calling me… or anyone for that matter to live life poor or rich or in between, but rather that we trust our lives in His stead and follow Him.

The stars proclaimed His trustworthiness and provision,… will we?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Stained Glass" Mural Preview

Currently I've been working on a mural for my church in Adobe Illustrator. This project thankfully has given me time to not only work on it, but also have the time to search for a full time employment position. Unfortunately another illustration project offered by another person would have limited this (I find it to be the hardest thing as an artist to ever turn down a project- especially when I am in need of work). Anyway, this project should be complete by the end of March, but until then here is a preview of one of the panels. I have to take a photo off of my Cintiq as the file size in Illustrator is too large to convert easily to Photoshop or a jpeg. This panel (of 9) alone is near 700mb. To give you an idea, my P-51 cutaway was only 60mb! Reason being is I am using high quality images of stained glass in several clipping masks to emulate an actual stained glass panel or feel. Here is Moses splitting the Red Sea. Look for the completion sometime in April or stop by Christ Church, SF after these panels get printed out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raijin Cutaway In-progress 2

The exo suit/mech has been slowly progressing. I get about an hour or two ever one or two days to work on this thing. Thought I'd post up the progress though. That pilot sure is cramped in that cockpit! I'll admit some elipses on this thing are atrocious, but for something I'll return to and refine I'm letting them be til later. Anyway, more to come in the future!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Raijin Cutaway In-progress 1

Figure I'd show a bit of the work that I've started on a cutaway of my friend's exoskeleton suit design. Awhile back I had approached Emerson Tung ( about using his Raijin concept design for a future cutaway. I haven't really had the opportunity until now to start working on it. When I'm not searching for work I take the time to work on this. It involves lots of hours of research for reference and trial and error on what will work in the final drawing.
This is all drawn out in Adobe Photoshop on my Cintiq. I started with a very rough sketch and am now slowly working my way through depicting the outer architecture and the cool nifty bits of the inside. Practically the entire thing should be rendered this way which means it will take quite some time. After sketching out all of this in Photoshop I will move to Illustrator and redo all of the linework in vectors... and then add color. To add to this, the main Raijin suit is not the only thing that will be on the final page, but also cutaways of the armament, statistics, a close up cutaway of the optical unit, and an pilot's view of the controls. Once finished this should be a nice technical illustration and strong portfolio piece. So over the next few months keep an eye out for the occasional update for this project and check out Emerson's blog. He is quite the amazing and talented artist and definitely an inspiration for my illustrations.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Update for future works

I know it's been awhile since my last post. Honestly it may be a bit longer before the next artwork in progress gets posted up here. I've been busy job hunting. The few hours that I'm not hunting for work I've been working on a new cross-section based on a friend's design. Once I get the sketch done on the piece I'll post that up on here, but until then it might be awhile as cross-sections take some time and it usually the preliminary steps that take the longest. Anyway, there's the heads up for all of you following.

Also, Happy belated New Year bloggers and followers! Hope 2011 is a productive and blessed year for us all!