Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raijin Progress Update

As usual, my post is long over due. I'm still searching for an art job and am back to hitting the job boards once again. Thankfully, though it is a job as a security guard, I'm glad I have something to keep paying the bills while I look for a job in relation to what I studied so hard for. I've had a bit of a delay on all my work recently as I had surgery on my tail bone area and couldn't sit at my computer :( Even though I'm still healing I can finally get back to working on some self-promotional stuff and I even finally upgraded to Adobe CS5 :D I have a plan that hopefully will only be upset if I get an art related job, but, the image above will hopefully be part of a series of many cutaways to come involving some mecha from 80s anime and current anime, plus possibly a very iron hero of a man ;).
Anyway, here is an updated sketch of the Raijin suit (design by the amazing Emerson Tung!). This by far has been one of my most interrupted projects, but now that I've set a deadline you should see some updates on the project soon! Once I finish this base sketch it will be on to Adobe Illustrator to clean up the line work and then add color.