Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm putting this up before class (something I usually try to avoid), but life has been quite busy recently. I have much more stuff to post up, but that will come when I have the time. So for now, here is this: a paper bag illustration for a children's book store (geared more toward a boy) done in watercolor for Illustration 2 class. I had to go back on my original idea as the majority of the class and instructor turned it down, but that's life for you in the artworld. I had a lot of fun discovering how to make space with the naturalistic qualities of watercolor, salt, and rubbing alcohol. The size of the piece is about 11x20 or so? (I didn't really check- I just illustrated with no bounds this time, rare, but relaxing)


Art of Joshua De Leon said...

Hey Steven this came out real cool love the textures

paac said...

Sweet! This came out really good man, I love all the textures on the planet and space. The guy came out good too. I also like the time-wheels, really cool. You know you can color-correct the photograph in photoshop, I imagine the colors are a bit more vibrant on the original.. no?

Em said...

great job, dude! the space came out really nice. Though I think the planet looks a little dull. Took me a while to figure out it was a planet. I think it helps to have a soft blurry white edge around the planet. Just something to keep in mind. :) Unless it's a lot more vibrant like Petur says then I have nothing. lol. Keep it up man!