Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Show 2009

Here is what got in for this year's AAU Spring Show! You've probably seen them before, but here they are again anyway. I submitted seven pieces and these are what got in. Not all of these may be seen at the show due to space, but if so then some will be at Powell as well as later online at The Spring Show will be at 601 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Hope you can go see the show! To everyone who got in: Congrats! and those of you who tried: Great Job anyway! as I have seen many of your works and a majority of them are awesome! There is just a lot of work the school had to chose from. Don't lose heart and try next time. Anyway, hope all of you who are artists continue to do well and succeed!


greg said...

Congratulations, again! That cross-section is more impressive every time I see it.

Steven Wayne Howard said...