Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer 2009 begins! Advanced Perspective

The summer semester has started! I missed my first class of Advanced Perspective because I was in Palm Springs, CA learning and worshiping my sovereign Savior at the Resolved conference. It was well worth the stress of rushing to finish these three samurai illustrations. God knew that this would happen as these three were started about a year ago when I tried taking Adv. Perspective during a more difficult semester. I dropped it and am now taking it this semester. Hopefully Joko will like what I did and hope my memory serves me right on whether these fit the assignment guidelines. This will be a busy semester as I will be doing 6 illustrations a week! So don't be suprised if my posts are random and often late. Enjoy your summer and God bless!

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Paloma said...

Really nice work, Steven! You really did a good job with the values on these pieces. If this is just your first assignment it's exciting to think what you'll be capable of at the end of the semester :D