Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Deliver Us To the Promised Land!"- Advanced Perspective Egypt

Moses, by the power of God, splitting the Red Sea.
Baby Moses is discovered by an Egyptian woman.
Pharaoh is a bit stubborn hearted and decides to pursue the Hebrews through the Red Sea.

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paac said...

Hey Steven, want some critiques? These are great! I love the compositions and I appreciate that you're going out of your comfort zone and are doing them digitally. However, I think you have a few things to learn about painting in photoshop. What bugs me the most is the brush you're using, the hard edge brush with no pressure sensitivity, you can set it so that when you press soft, you get more translucent, press hard more opaque, instead of the brush just set on 50% opacity for instance. Everything is soooo sharp and even things in the background are as detailed as things in the front. Think like a painter, soft, and decaturated in the back, mass in the general areas, atmospheric perspective! Pick a focal point and do your magic there, it's all you need. It will also save you time. Think about where the light is coming from, mass in the light side and shadow side, just like in still life painting. I'll show you a few tricks in photoshop if you want, but it's kinda hard to explain here. Overall, good job! Just keep practicing! Like I said, good eye for composition and storytelling, but have to work on your brushwork :)