Thursday, January 21, 2010

World of Warcraft figurine and the Lego Thunderbird progress

Here are some in progress photos of the Thunderbird before I have to leave it be until my next break from school. I usually show myself in these photos so you can get an idea of its scale (and why it is taking some time). The tail is yet to be truly connected (white Lego blocks are holding it in its likely place for the moment) as well as the side guns (being held up by the containers). Thankfully, though, this break I was able to prop the model onto a stand and connect the heavy wings. To be finished as well is the remaining fuselage and engines plus the hundreds of bullets, nukes, torpedoes, and missiles.

During this break I finally got my Alathena Moonbreeze W.O.W. action figurine, but in a series of frustrating circumstances ended up with two. So what to do with the other? Paint it of course! The purple skinned one is the original version. The black, white, gold and pheonix colored version is mine. It was a lot of fun and worth it as I now have an entirely unique figurine that can be found no where else. As always, enjoy and look forward to work from this coming semester!


Pierre said...

the repaint came out well, I've been pondering fixing up a couple of mine, what kind of paint did you use?

Steven Wayne Howard said...

used Testers paint- you just need to use the thinner in between paints. What is better and what I didn't have was the Warhammer paint which I have in the city. You can find some at a games shop on Divisidaro St. in SF.

Steven Wayne Howard said...

*the Testers paint is Enamel and I think Warhammer paint is an acrylic base