Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saratoga Space Fighter Cross-section Progress and Process

I first start out with a rough sketch. It sometimes helps just doing it on tracing paper so I can quickly test my proportions to a photo image just in case. As well, I can do rough perspective lines underneath.
Next I start on top of a copy of the sketch deciding what and where I might cut away or cut into.Next I draw a 3point perspective 'grid' over my sketch to prepare for the overlay.Then I begin to pencil in detail over the grid and sketch base.Here is the completed pencil work. The design bottom right will be adjusted and most likely shrunk. Their will also be labeling of what most things are. After I ink it today/tomorrow morning I will begin digital painting of the Saratoga class Space Fighter based off of the Lego Fighter earlier posted in my blog. I believe the post is the last of 2008.


theo said...

pretty much awesome =]

nailmask said...

Looks good man. Wish I could have seen it in real life on Sunday.