Saturday, July 31, 2010

Updated ID3 Work

Finally able to take some time to post these up. This a compilation of the past few classes. Above are the 4 exploded views of a Kensington mouse that I had to do in two days. Being sick on one day I ended up jamming 3 of these in a day. If given more time with better health I could have gotten a better result.

These above were an assignment for trying out some Canson toned paper. The fourth page on black and on gray was whatever we wanted to do so I did a jockey riding a robo racing greyhound! I particularly like this sketch.

Above was an experiment with reflective surfaces hence our class having to go back to cubic forms. The helicopter was a Scott Robertson mastercopy to learn how he draws and the two jets to the side are speed forms based off of an F22. So much fun drawing things like the speed forms!
Above was an assigment of speed forms (things that look fast while standing still). Granted, not all of mine look super speedy, but like my instructor said, they do have character. And as an illustrator I believe that to be just as equally important. These were a lot of fun to make.

Lastly are some experiments with pastel and webril pads to create chrome. We had to make flashlights and thermoses. Number 6 of the flashlights kind of looks torch-like to me. Gotta watch where you point your 'torch.' Oh British jokes... Anyway, hope you like it. More to come (working on my final right now- three parts)...

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greg said...

Dude. These are all incredible. I'm absolutely amazed at the level of skill here. I could never do these in a million years. Can't wait to see more from you.