Sunday, August 4, 2013


 This month I had the opportunity of a lifetime to celebrate my 26th birthday
doing something I had really wanted to do: fly in some vintage planes from WWII.
On my birthday, the 24th of July, I got to fly in "Gunfighter," a P-51D Mustang!  It was the best plane I have ever flown in.  I also had a unique opportunity to present, Larry (the pilot), with my cutaway drawing of a Mustang.  Now my art is hanging in their museum!  It is one thing to research and draw a piece of important history, it is another thing to actually fly in it!
Later in the week I got to fly in a B-25 Mitchell Bomber.  This thing is LOUD!  I was able to sit up in the nose for the majority of the flight and it was awesome!  I feel privileged to have been given two good views in two amazing planes!
The rest of the vacation was pretty cool as well as I got my first flight lesson where I learned how to take off, recover from a stall, and land a plane.  I also got to launch some model rockets.  All in all, it was a pretty spectacular vacation.  Now back to working on some art... 

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