Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Midwest Trip

Drawing choirs was a very challenging experience considering how many there were and the short amount of time I had to draw them.

Recently I took a short weekend trip to the Midwest as it amazingly did not cost too much and was able to visit my old friend and celebrate her 21st birthday! It was a lot of fun and definitely a trip that God had planned me to take as it has helped my faith tremendously as I stood amazed by the strength of my friend and her friends in their faith in Christ! While on this awesome excursion I was able to get in some drawings- like the 9hours I was stuck at Denver even though there weren't many people to draw there. Plus a marching band and football game (in the bitter cold!- it's hard to sketch when your body is shaking from the cold.) and even two large choirs! All in all it was pretty awesome to say the least!

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The said...

Haha. Thanks for posting that drawing of me. My girlfriend thought it was pretty funny. lol.

-Jeremiah D. Benson