Sunday, April 19, 2009

FINALLY!!! The line work is complete on the space jet cross-section!

Finally! After some intense hours of heavily concentrated, eye burning work I have completed the line work on my cross-section of the MTseven 13-14 space jet. This means I'm almost done!! All I have to do now is paint it! The entire inking process was hand drawn and so was most of the project all the way along as I unfortunately have misplaced my elipse guides due to moving in and out of AAU housing between semester breaks. So although some of the perspectives are off, I say it seems to hold itself up pretty well for being the third cross-section I have ever done. I'll keep you posted as soon as I complete the painted version of it.
Here is a more detailed shot:


Art of Joshua De Leon said...

WoWS!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to see it live at the spring show

Em said...

dude! this is mind blowing!! you HAVE to put this into the springshow once it's done!