Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Part 3- Where true insanity begins!

Here is a poor photo of part 3 (done purposefully so you can wait for the final product! :D). I finally cross-sected the MTseven 13-14 space fighter/bomber. Now I will transfer (redraw over graphite layer onto watercolor paper) and then ink with acrylic ink (pretty much redraw again) and then begin layers of watercolor. Most of the fine detail will be done with or touched up with gouache for the final step. So in the next two weeks or so I should have the last two or three steps up. For now, injoy my insanity of cross-secting for hours and hours! :)


Abel Timoteo Izmo said...

Dude that is coming out really nice, good job! I wanna try one of the eventually, they look fun. good luck with the rest of that

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

your work is cool, especially the lego stuff, that is awesome!