Monday, November 9, 2009

November Super Post

Here is what I could finish in my allotted time for my cross-section (as I have to present a new design this Tuesday as well for the same class). I am not all that satisfied, but I have to move on and do what time permits.
The rest of this stuff is from my other 2 studio classes. The two images are for Illustration 3. The Hip-Hop is a poster design and the animals are icon designs. Both were done using Adobe Illustrator. The rest is what I have been doing in AAU's experimental class: Digital Clothed Figure Drawing where we use the 21inch Cintiq screens and Photoshop to draw the clothed figure from life. So here are some samples of my work. As usual, hope you enjoy!


zach oldenkamp said...

nice post my man. really enjoying the linework on those clothe figure studies.

Pierre said...

awesome, I love your icons. clever and well made.

The clothed figure stuff looks really good too, man.

Steven Wayne Howard said...

thanks guys!