Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thunderbird in-progress

During my last break in Iowa I started work on the Lego version of my cross-section of the MTseven13-14 (aka the Thunderbird). I have built a ship like this. If you search through my older posts not only will you find the cross-section this is based on, but the Lego space jet similar in design. This ship, however, will be much more massive in size. It is to scale to the other Lego space jet. Therefore, when finished the Thunderbird should be a little over 4 feet in length with a 3 foot wingspan and definitely weighing over 25lbs! This should be the largest model I have constructed yet and should be finished before I graduate. I have to work on it when I go home on breaks so it takes some time. The design is purposed a little different than the cross-section drawing. The wings and tail section are shown in one of the pictures as to where they will be placed. They, however are not yet attached as the main fuselage is yet to be built. Be looking forward to this for future in progress photos and its eventual finish!

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