Friday, August 27, 2010

3:30 am

Below are some sketches from a newer sketchbook- which is now home to my 'Resolved' list, a list of resolutions that are a reminder and helpful tool to keep my life focused on Christ. So here are the pages surrounding those resolutions. Nothing much in particular, but just felt like posting something before the Fall semester starts.

Just decided since I found myself up at 3:30am as of now, that I'd post some of the starts to my sketchbook, all of which were done during unfortunate conditions of either strong icy winds of the Warf or in a car, or in an airplane with the passenger reclining into me enough that even my overhead light can't light what I'm drawing. The speedform-esc drawings are always a lot of fun to do and genrally don't take much thought to draw. The last one was on that flight (of which many prayers were made to keep my temper in check with the passenger in front of me) and was an inspired design of the cabin- hence why it looks weird. Why do I try drawing in odd circumstances? I ask a similar question as to why I'm up so late right now... time to sleep.

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