Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Industrial Design Drawing 3 Finals

Here is the final for the class (terrible photo). Not entirely satisfied with this product, however, pretty pleased with the fact that it is near impossible to tell what I cut and pasted from my pre-final sketches. This is supposed to be a 'hemispherical touch screen mouse,' use by 3D modelers to have an interactive touchscreen surface to move virtual objects around with a real 3D interface.
Above and below are some robotic animals. If I had more time I would have made at least 25 or more! These things are just way too much fun to do. They are generally done over an overlay of a hardshelled creature and then it is turned into some stellar vehicle whether it be an Giant Isopod hovercraft jet thing or a 'leaping' coconut crab personal transport... you know, because it would be awesome to own one! :P

This last page just shows my pre-final page layout as well as more robotic creatures.

Overall, it was a pretty amazing class. A whole lot of work in a short amount of time, but definitely worth taking. I'd recommend this to any concept artist who is into designing techs of any sort. Well, now time to catch up on some sleep and back to working hard on some more design and illustrating. Zzzzzzz........

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id f.k. said...

Tis a good Class, I Hope you had Chris Meyers as a teacher, Big Nerd like the rest of us! Hermet Crab is Pretty Sweet!