Thursday, October 28, 2010

38 Geary Bus Muni

Here is the second vehicle of many of SF transportation I am including in an upcoming infographic. I take this bus almost on a daily basis to get to class. The 38 is probably the most frequent and reliable bus line in the city that I know of and am very thankful for that. Even though some rides can range from 15-45minutes and I'm about sick of the same route everyday, I'm glad I have an easy way to get downtown or home. This, like the other, is done in Adobe Illustrator. Took about 7-9 hours. Added some of my art as 'advertisements' for the side of the bus. Hope you enjoy and look forward to more!

1 comment:

Christian said...

I like the vehicle illustrations. I miss the 38Geary,haha.

Also the main pic on the front prage is pretty sweet.