Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post 100... sort of... (P-51 Mustang Complete)

Well, here it is! Post #100.... or so my dashboard says, while my actual blog says in the archive 93 or so. Needless to say technology confuses me sometimes.
Here is the completed P-51 Mustang all in Adobe Illustrator. From start to finish I think I've worked roughly at least 170-190 hours on this and still not entirely happy. Next time I want my own reference or at least not off angle reference and that of one variant. There are just too many variants of the Mustang... and variants of variants! So to all of you die hard P-51 guys, sorry it's not perfect- you want it perfect, then let me see one in person... and possibly get a ride in the two seater! XD Then we'd both definitely be giddy little kids having way too much fun.
Anyway, this file crashed illustrator for me 3 times, was cause for much prayer and humbling
(as I said some pretty unkind things to my computer), and a great practice and learning of Illustrator.
Below is the wire version. For those of you who know Illustrator I'm sure you'll understand the craziness.
On a side note for bloggers out there- beware accidentally using meta tags in the html. I posted this maybe six or seven times before getting it to work.
Anyway, back to more illustrating!


Art of Joshua De Leon said...

Incredible Work Steven!!! INSANE

Emerson said...

really crazy how you can use illustrator to do this, dude...