Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Preview of the Muni Illustration

Here is another piece of my upcoming Smartphone/Muni poster infographic. In class today I was able to get the man done with a very befitting SF Giants coat. GO GIANTS! Never been that much into baseball, but the city's enthusiasm is contagious... and we won the World Series! Anyway, this project should be finished by next Monday or so. As long as this cold doesn't slow me down. Halloween probably aided to getting the cold. But, that's life, and now back to work, work, work....

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Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey Steven! Thanks again for commenting on my blog. I just saw your Thunderbird Lego ship, or in my words...I just saw the AWESOMENESS!!!! dude that thing is huuuuuge! Way to go man, I wish I had that much lego to build my things. My dream is to build the dropoff ship and vehicle from the movie aliens lol one day one day.

Also I love the transportation illustrations you've done. The castro one is my favorite.

So do you go to all the lego sites and see all the other awesomeness that is being created? I like the mech ones, especially the ones that lego men have cockpits in. well i'm rambling now, take care man