Sunday, February 19, 2012

War of the Worlds Redux (part 1)

Here is a quick, rough sketch of a long project I have ahead of me.  I am currently planning a complete cutaway, cross-section book based on H.G. Well's War of the Worlds.  There are a about 3-5 versions of tripods (or fighting machines), 2 worker machines, 2 versions of the cylinder, an "assembler", a miniature alien pod, and several other machines for the martians that I plan to design and cutaway.  Each will need to be fully designed- having all the proper orthographics before being cutaway.  The tripods will be loosely based on my previous tripod designs I had cutaway long ago, but hopefully better designed and in proper perspective.  
The project will take a very long time to complete mostly due to the fact that I have a full-time illustration job with a long commute.  I will try and post what I have as I develop rough sketches and flesh out the ideas that make the martians and their machines work as they do.
This proposed book will be very thorough covering the smallest of tech to largest and potential reasons why the martians have developed the tech as they have.  As for the finish of this project, expect it to be done 3-6 years from now at least.  As to why I'm doing all this crazy work on the side from my job... because it's sci-fi, it's cutaway art, and most of all... it's fun!

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