Saturday, February 25, 2012

War of the Worlds Tripod (part 2)

Here is some in-progress for the design-faze before I cutaway the tripod / fighting-machine for War of the Worlds.  
This is what I'm affectionately calling the Martian "T-rex Arm."  What is the arm for?  Not sure, but it will have something to do with the extermination of humankind... There are three on the main body of the tripod just above the three main legs (see previous post for the tripod sketch).  
I am sketching in Google SketchUp as it will be easier to cutaway rotating the 3D image to different angles (like from the front and the back, etc.).  I have barely touched 3D- in fact today was probably my most exposure to using a 3D program.  It's not going to look perfect, but as long as it is near the general shape I want then I'm happy as ultimately I will be drawing over the 3D image in Adobe Ai and Photoshop.  
Anyway, as usual I will post the progress as it comes along when I'm not busy with work at my job.

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Dawn said...

I know I already wished you well on our other shared social media, but I wanted to wish you congratulations here as well! I'm am thrilled that you have snagged a full-time position, and I hope that it is everything you have hoped and prayed for. Best of luck in growing and learning from this new position.