Thursday, August 16, 2012

War of the Worlds Tripod (Part 6)

Here is another update on the War of the Worlds Tripod.  I am getting closer to being done with my 3D "sketch."  I have the "whips," "tentacles" on the lower legs between the 'vertebre,' and the feet/toes.  Once I finish this stage, I will rotate the model to various general viewing angles to produce some orthos, and then use an angle fairly similar to the one shown above for a basis to produce a cutaway illustration in 3-point perspective.  There are hundreds of steps left before this part of my larger project is complete, but the Tripod should be finished hopefully sometime around summer next year or so, depending on other time-consuming factors of life.  The actual cutaway will involve having to draw the exterior and interiors and painting both.  Also, there needs to be research into pneumatics, hydraulics, steam engines, turbines, reactors, and vascular and muscular systems in humans and animals (mostly snakes, elephants, and squids) for producing a 'believable' construct for the inner workings of the tripod.  Anyway, as I continue to work on the 3D and other future stages of the project I will try to keep you up to date as best I can on the progress of it all.  Enjoy!   

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