Saturday, August 18, 2012

War of the Worlds Tripod (part 7)

I've finished the 3D sketch of my War of the Worlds Tripod!  I'll provide other views of the project as I produce the orthographic views.  I'm SOOOO exited that I can now move on to the drawing stage!!!  This was my first true 3D model I've ever made. I used Google Sketch-up due to the fact that I never received the proper training in 3D and needed a simple program to produce a movable model to rotate to any angle that I would need for this project.  Now I will produce orthographic views while starting the sketch for the exterior/interior view for the final cutaway which should be in 3-point perspective.  My next few stages will be in Photoshop and Illustrator.
I was really excited how this turned out.  The 'feet' were never drawn in my original sketch (follow label below to view previous related posts) and after modeling the feet with three 'toes' it didn't look right, so I deleted the rear 'toe' for each foot giving an odd look with only two for each... which gives it a more alien look I think.  Either way, it was never determined in my original sketch so I felt I had some leeway. 
On another side note, the figures at the bottom are representational of scale to the Martians (the larger figure) and to humans (the smaller figure).  I will be starting my sketches of the Martian soon trying to figure out their look and how closely I should resemble them to H.G. Wells' original description.
I will keep you posted as future work comes through.  Hopefully within the next month I should have one or two drawings depending on the time I'm allotted.  As usual, enjoy! 

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