Monday, December 15, 2008

Cross Sections, Alice and Wonderland, and Bears Oh My!

Above and Below: Here is my Illustration 1 final. I can't believe that I am done with homework for the semester! Woot! This is a cross section of a ship I designed that I will eventually do a more detailed design of later with cross sectioning. I had a week to create thumbnails and then 1 week to produce the final- an insanly short time for a cross section (I learned some short cuts). The drawing process only took five hours- painting, maybe ten hours. Not bad time considering I used to be a much slower painter. The final above is in gouache and is 15" x 20". (to large if you ask me for the limit of time). Hope you like it and have enjoyed the works of this semester. Depending I may post up my remaining Clothed Figure Drawing 2 inclass work if it turns out well and time permits. Otherwise, have a wonderful break all of you fellow classmates and a very blessed holiday in honor of our amazing King and His birth!

Below and above: Alice and Wonderland in an attempted emulation of Alphonse Mucha style for Clothed Figure Drawing 2. The top is digital since I don't know watercolor yet. It still has some contrast fixing to do, but that will come later in time when I can get to it. Thanks to Isabella Kung for modeling as Alice! Helped out quite a bit!

BEAR!!! Bear done in gouache on a highly textured surface for an inclass assignment.


Brandon T Pike said...

Great stuff Steven! Your cross-section came out awesome! I really like the way your Alice drawing came out as well. Good work man, have a Merry Christmas!

isabella said...

anytime! just call me up if you need me again.
That looks beautiful, very Mucha
Love the design and color harmony.

Joshua De Leon said...

Damm Steven, what can I say, you're just crazy talented man....That cross-section just blew my mind in class....makes me wanna see more n more.....and that Alice and wonderland just rocks from the figure to the clocks, the mushrooms, cards, you did a really great job. I hope to see you in a future class if not, I'll see you in the Illustration building........Merry Christmas