Monday, December 1, 2008

Editorial for Illustration 1- in progress

Here is some of the work in progress for my editorial assignment for Illustration 1. I did a rough pencil sketch and painted over it with gouache using references of snowy environments, Denver airport, and plump, delicious turkeys that I was able to devour this Thanksgiving! I still have yet to put the matting on this piece and will post when that is complete. "The New Yorker" print is out of date because I printed off a heading from an older magazine onto a transparency to get a better idea of how the editorial would look in finish- hopefully I can type in today's date if I figure out how to match the New Yorker's type font. Anyway, I spent a good solid and strait 7 hours working on this piece (faster than usual, but still exhausting) and am due for some sleep now. I'll be posting soon the final with a better photo as well.


isabella said...

nice job, it sure does look like something new yorker will consider posting. anyways whats your statement though? that noone's flying anymore?

Steven Wayne Howard said...

just a little commentary on the nuisance of flying during the holidays, especially through places like Denver which always end up in delays due to the wonderful weather.