Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross-section of space fighter: Part 2 complete!

Here is another photo of my newest cross-section I will be working on. I had to draw the entire space jet in perspective before I move on to step 3 of actually revealing the inside and making it a true cross-section. For now- it's just a really cool view of the fighter un-cross-sectioned. From my original sketch I felt there weren't enough torpedoes, missiles and nukes- so I added more! I think the whole thing screams "Do you really want to mess with me?!" Anyway, thought I'd show a comparison next to me to show you the scale I'm working on and personally I think for what I'm going to do it is a little bit small. Look forward to in the future for more progress pictures on this project.


Em said...

it's coming out great man... man.. with all the armaments.. it does look quite scary..almost like a flying tank now. awesome!

Steven Wayne Howard said...

glad to hear Emerson, glad to hear! Flying tank is always much more than a compliment! :D

C.B. Canga said...