Friday, March 20, 2009

In Progress work on the MTSeven13-14 Cross-section

The image is a little blue, but that's what I get for taking a photo in the late evening in my room. Anyway, here is step one and two in progress for my next cross-section. It is of a space fighter from a story I have called Narrow called the MTSeven13-14. It is based on the same design as the Lego space fighter I had posted earlier. The first step is in the upper left hand corner which is a simple sketch. I put tracing paper over that to do a skeleton sketch to think about what the inside might be like. From here I go on to blowing the image up at 250% and place velum over this. I use the underlying sketch to create a more accurate perspective drawing. And in this case- when it came to the back half and wings it was really off from the perspective of the nose so instead of cross-secting right away I am drawing the entire thing in perspective and then will go over this with another traced layer to cross-sect the inside. After these steps I will trace it again to lose the perspective lines and then after transfer (basically redraw once more) onto watercolor paper. I will then watercolor paint in several layers it's gradating values. After this I will put in the prominent colors and flat areas in gouache. After this I will ink the lines once more and mount the illustration hopefully in time for Spring Show. I have only done 6 hours of work so far, but have around 200-300 more to go. It's time consuming and very methodical, but rewarding in the end. I talk about cross-sections a lot, but the reason you see so little of them from me is the amount of time it takes to make just one.

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Em said...

All the best for this piece, Steven. I'm positively absolutely sure this is gonna turn out awesome!